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<<<<<Welcome Back To Church>>>>

It’s almost unbelievable that the summer weather is slipping away so fast without notice!  With just barely three weeks, where is summer heading? What next?

Well, this kind of reminds me of one Jesus’ Kingdom Parables, “The three servants and the Master,” in Matthew’s Gospel. In this story the wealthy man entrusts portions of his wealth to his three servants with no specific conditions. He leaves and stays away for a long time. While he was away, two of the three servants made the decision to invest their shares of the master’s wealth; they did and gained profits. Unfortunately, the other servant didn’t invest his share of the wealth, and thus did not generate any profit. After a long time away, the wealthy man returns unexpectedly and begins to settle account with the three servants. The first two that had invested their shares of the master’s wealth in preparation for his return, reported their entrusted shares with along the profits. The master not only commends them saying: “Well done, Good and Faithful Servants,” but also promises to put them in charge of even greater things as well as offers them shares in his happiness. (Matthew 25: 14-30).  


My friends, I don’t know what your summer has been, but the one thing I do know is that one way or the other; it’s been a journey through times. For some a time to visit with families and friends to share fun, joy and happiness, yet for others, it’s been a journey through rough and turbulent times including struggles with either one’s own or a family members’ health issues.  Still for others, it’s been a time of struggles to make ends meet in terms of daily sustenance. The good news is, we’ve either made it, or are making it through no matter what our journey experience this summer.  In the midst of our diverse journey experiences this summer, remember our

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s invitation as he stands with arms stretched out and saying:

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest!” (Matt.11:28).

The Racine First United Methodist Church loins our Lord and Savior in extending a very warmed “WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH”  to you, your  family and friends with opened arms, opened hearts and opened minds of Jesus Christ!


As you may remember, September is the month when both normal and new exciting activities that were halted for the summer are resumed. You are Welcome to join any of our various Spiritual Formation groups including the Choir, Praise Team, Church (Sunday) School for all ages, United Methodist Women and You/Young Adults Groups. You are invited to join us on the first Sunday of every month from 9:00 a.m. -9:45 a.m. for the recognition and celebration any milestones over potluck breakfast. The event is known as the “ Fellowship of Friends, Relatives,  Acquaintances, Neighbors and Co-workers, (FFRANC) Sunday.  Another popular community outreach event held each year here is the First United and Neighbors Fest, (FUN-Fest). This is coming up Saturday 14th 2019. Time: 12:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. We offer many other Faith Formation and Spiritual growth opportunities that you can’t afford to miss!!!


Again, Welcome to the “Prefect Church for Imperfect People” that intentionally Gather to seek God in order to Equip themselves for faithfully Serve God through services to their community and the world in the name of Jesus Christ.  


Finally, I prayerfully you enjoy the rest of your summer time and the Labor Day, but don’t forget the Greatest and lasting enjoyment is with your church’s family in Jesus Christ!


 Grace alone,

Rev. Jakes Voker


August 2019 Message From Pastor

Friends and Families in the Lord, greetings in the name of Jesus, the Christ! I prayerfully hope you are enjoying all the moments and fun activities we often missed during the cold winter season. The summer weather should afford us opportunities such as gathering outdoors, road trips and flights to visit distant families, friends and favorite sites, getting “vitamin D” from the sunlight, but yet being mindful to stay safe and cool in the event of heat waves. Knowing that there are two sides to every event in life, I don’t mean to say that life is all rosy for everyone during the summer.  No, not at all! Unfortunately, life events can take a turn and trend in unexpected, even uncontrollable, directions at times. My heart and prayers go out to all of you whose lives and joy have been negatively impacted by any adverse circumstances this summer. Rest assured, you are not alone as a member of God’s House hold of believers! You are the apple of God’s eyes.  ( Zechariah 2:8). 

There’s always been and continues to be a special place in God’s heart for you, you and me! Why is that so? One may rightly ask!


The simple answer is, as a member of the human family amongst all of God’s wonderfully marvelous and gigantic creations, you are the ONLY ONE CREATED IN AND BEAR THE IMAGE of your CREATOR!  You are very special and do have a special place in God’s Kingdoms Work!  You and all humans possible an inherently unique nature known as the “SOUL” that God can not afford to lose or see it destroyed. When satan attempted at taking control of the human soul, God took the form of a human being and was born in person of Jesus Christ to redeem our soul.










Consequently, as redeemed and disciples of Jesus Christ, God’s WORK of redemption through the message of the Good news of Salvation has been committed into “OUR HANDS!”  On one occasion Jesus reminded his first disciples: “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit--fruit that will last--and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. (John 15: 16 –NIV).

I believe the Lord’s reminder was not meant only for his first century disciples, but includes the contemporary, you and me, as well as the would be ones.


I have said all of the above to remind and invite us all to recommit ourselves to boldly and fearlessly take GOD’s WORK in OUR HANDS” with us at all times and in all places so that others might hear the “Good news of Salvation as found only in and through Jesus Christ. As the church, let us take this soul and lifesaving message into our community at any given opportunities. Remember, the church is not called to sit only in air-cooled sanctuaries and in cushioned pews, but to reach out to neighborhood picnics, workplaces, grocery stores, shopping centers, sporting events, on face book, formation group meetings and everywhere! Let’s not give the devil an inch of foothold in our lives! We have the message that would save the world, but will never accomplish such noble mission until you and I can deliver it!


Finally, remember we are called to Gather, Equip and to Serve in ways that inspires and transforms lives, one life at a time, in the name of Jesus Christ! “GOD’S WORK, YOURS AND MY  HANDS!”



Rev. Jakes